Research Showcase at the Capitol

 Review of Submitted Abstracts

Virginia can take pride in its vibrant network of colleges and universities.  Scientific research done at these institutions leads the world to new innovations of human knowledge.  More and more, this research activity is conducted by undergraduates who are learning the fundamentals of science through inquiry, while preparing for careers as the next generation of scientists, in Virginia and beyond.

To highlight the importance of the research of undergraduate students across the Commonwealth, to the lawmakers whose support helps make their research possible, the Virginia Academy of Science (VAS) is sponsoring the 2nd Annual “Research Showcase at the Capitol” event in Richmond on January 23, 2017.

Selected undergraduate students will present a poster of their research to legislators as well as be formally introduced to the committees covering science affairs in both houses of the legislature.  The VAS Science Education Committee will select students to participate in this event from among applicants who submit a research abstract and complete the application form at

The committee will select applicants on the basis of scientific merit, institutional diversity and diversity across the scientific disciplines.  Please refer to the attached PDF file for the rubric that the VAS Education Committee will use in the assessment of each student’s abstract.  The deadline for students to submit their applications is November 15, 2016.

Please contact Mike Wolyniak ( with questions about this event.