Online Submission of Presentations – 2018

The online form below is for the submission a single presentation with one or more authors for the 2018 Annual Meeting at Longwood University.  If the presentation will have multiple authors, it is recommended that the name and information for the presenting author be entered first.  In order to add the name and information for a co-author please click on the [Add Co-author] button at the end of the form.  If there are multiple co-authors, each co-author should be listed in sequence by clicking the [Add Co-author] button and adding the requested information.  Once all information for the presentation has been provided, please click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

NOTE:  So that you can obtain all of the required information for yourself and for any co-author(s) before you begin to fill in the online form it is recommended that you download a PDF of the blank online submission form (to print if needed).  DO NOT use the PDF version of the form to submit your presentation information.

2018 online submissions are closed.