Mary Louise Olds Andrews Cancer Grants

The Guidelines and Application for 2017 will be made available in early 2017.

Download the 2016 Application

Guidelines (2016)

The purpose of the Mary Louise Andrews Award is to support basic research in any area of cancer research. One or two awards for a total amount not to exceed $3,000 are expected to be made annually. Funds are provided by the Mary Louise Andrews Trust. Eligibility: Individuals or teams from units/departments in institutions of higher education (i.e., universities, colleges, and medical schools) or other non-profit organizations with an active academic association in the Commonwealth of Virginia are eligible to submit proposals. Each investigator must be a full-time faculty member or equivalent if non-academic. Full time graduate students and research associates may apply as co-investigators. Proposal Requirements: Proposal narrative (independent of graphs, charts, curriculum vitae, and budget page) should be approximately three single-spaced pages. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated. The proposal must include the following items.

  1. A clear statement of the purpose or objectives of the research
  2. The relevance of the research to fundamental questions in cancer
  3. The rationale of the proposed approach
  4. A clearly stated plan for the proposed research with the procedure(s) described in enough detail to allow fair assessment of the research plan
  5. A listing of all other current research support of each investigator
  6. A curriculum vitae (2-3 pages, including the most relevant or recent publications) of each investigator or co-investigator which includes both mail and email addresses and other contact information
  7. A budget page which should be sufficiently detailed to allow the review committee to realistically assess the research plan. The maximum request may not exceed $3,000 if a single proposal is funded or ~$1,500 if 2 proposals are funded. The quality of submitted proposals will determine if one or two will be funded. Because of the size of the awarded grant, indirect costs may not be requested.
  8. The authorized institutional representative must sign off on the proposal and indicate how funds are to be transmitted, should the proposal be successful.

Applicants should submit the completed Application for the Mary Louise Andrews Award for Cancer Research (in either electronic or print format) to Dr. Eugene Maurakis no later than 1 April 2016. Submit electronic version to For additional information, contact either Eugene Maurakis ( or 804-864-1413) or Arthur Conway ( or 804-864-1451).