A History of the Virginia Academy of Science 1923-2001

Networks and Professionalization

Charlotte Webb

Chapter One: Weaving a Network: Creating a Machine in the Time of Harry Byrd
the Depression. and the New Deal. 1920-1939
Chapter Two: Linking Allies and Resources: Maintaining Cohesion during World War 11.194 0-1952
Chapter Three: Constructing a Balance: Envisioning Virginia Science in the Era of Massive Resistance. 1953-1963
Chapter Four: Translating Industry. Transforming Science: Making a Transition in Virginia. 1963-1976
Chapter Five: Repositioning Membership: Entering the “State of the Art Virginia. ” 1979-1989
Chapter Six: Moving Allegiances: Shifting Boundaries in Virginia. 1990-2001
Conclusion: Reflecting. Reinventing. and Reconnecting: Networking and Professionalizing in the VAS
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