Science Advisory Committee

The Science Advisory Committee Shall:

  1. Provide scientific and technical information and advice requested by the Executive, Legislative, and other governmental bodies and agencies of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  2. Serve as liaison for the collection and transfer of scientific information and/or advice solicited in (A).
  3. Collect and evaluate suggestions and opinions regarding topics of general public interest wherein science and technology may provide assistance, but where such assistance has not been requested. The Science Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Academy, to the Executive Committee, and/or the Council of the Academy for review and approval. The Science Advisory Committee, upon direction of Council or Executive Committee, shall serve as a conduit for placement of such information before the appropriate Executive, Legislative, or other governmental body or agency.
  4. Maintain an inventory of scientific interests and expertise of individuals within the Academy who are willing to serve in an advisory and/or consultant capacity to state government.
  5. At no time operate beyond constraints considered as proper conduct for a non-profit organization.
  6. Append all reports and recommendations with a statement as follows; “The Virginia Academy of Science assumes no legal or financial responsibilityfor the utilization or dispersal of scientific and technical data or advice provided by the science Advisory Committee, further, the Academy assumes no responsibility, financial or other-wise, to governmental agents or agencies, institutions, individuals or committee members pursuant to the conduct and activities of this Committee.”