Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall:

  1. Mail to the membership on or about January 1 each year a request for nominations of persons to fill the offices of President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. Nominate a slate of one person for each of the aforenamed offices. The nominee for president-elect must have served previously as an officer (Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer) on the Executive Committee.
  3. Review with the Executive Committee the slate of officers prior to presenting a report report to Council for informational purposes.
  4. Mail slate of nominees to members advising that names may be added to the slate by 25 members petitioning the committee on behalf of each name to be added.
  5. If necessary, prepare ballots with additional nominees and mail to membership with registration and other information relative to annual meeting indicating deadline and address for return of ballot to committee.
  6. Count ballots and announce results at the Academy Conference. Should a tie vote result for any office, the Academy Conference shall vote on the nominees. In all cases, the nominee receiving the largest number of favorable votes shall be elected; provided, however, that only members in good standing may cast ballots.